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Glassdome Co-Founder & COO Joshua Charnin-Aker Joins Advisory Panel on EV Battery Circularity

By John Wright

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New Panel Led by the World Economic Forum, Global Battery Alliance, and RMI Will Shape, Enrich, and Validate Research

Vancouver, Wash.: Glassdome, a leading sustainability platform for manufacturers, is proud to announce that Co-Founder and COO Joshua Charnin-Aker has been selected to an Advisory Panel led by the World Economic Forum, Global Battery Alliance, and RMI dedicated to producing a white paper on the circularity of the EV battery value chain.

The paper will cover the environmental and social impacts of the battery value chain and explore how a circular battery value chain can help alleviate them. It will also propose 5-7 key actions for stakeholders to take to achieve that goal. This paper’s scope will begin at manufacturing, as the WEF has a separate initiative totally dedicated to mining and metals.

The advisory panel is composed of senior experts from each step of the value chain, including extraction, processing, refining, logistics, manufacturing, use, reuse/recycling, and end-of-life and enabling organizations (such as Glassdome).

The impetus for this project is a growing literature gap on battery circularity. Issues with the current body of research include:

  • Most reports focus on a single geography, usually the US and/or EU
  • Most existing work lacks actionable recommendations by market type
  • Many existing reports only focus on specific parts of the battery lifecycle
  • Most existing work is car-centric and overlooks other modes of transit like trucks and 2- and 3-wheelers
  • Multiple reports focused solely on the extractive piece of the value chain have come out in the last year alone.

“Modern battery technologies and materials are key to the green energy transition and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Those batteries need sustainable, secure, and traceable value chains,” says Charnin-Aker. “This work will help companies and organizations work together to create a circular economy for batteries that increases self-sufficiency, improves resilience and efficiency, and reduces risk.” 

He added, “I’m excited to work with other experts in the field to create an actionable resource for companies across the battery industry. In much the same way that Glassdome is dedicated to simplifying sustainability for manufacturers, this panel will help advance and simplify sustainability for the entire battery value chain.”

The first meeting of the Advisory Panel will take place on June 11th. The paper is planned to be released by November of this year.

About Glassdome: Glassdome is an industrial software company dedicated to making sustainability and operations clear and simple for manufacturers. The company was founded in the innovative heart of San Francisco in 2019, and its roots in Silicon Valley and Korea connect a tech-savvy spirit with powerful industrial expertise. The Glassdome platform is uniquely positioned to serve manufacturers that want to improve efficiency and meet and exceed green regulation requirements, all in one platform.


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