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Delivering Data-Driven Insights to Diverse
Manufacturing Sectors via Specialized Software

What We Provide

We deliver data-driven insights through clear, easy-to-use
software designed for manufacturers

Glassdome Glassdome

Tailored solutions
designed for

Glassdome Glassdome

management and
sustainability data
together in a single

Glassdome Glassdome

Quick and
cost-effective access
to adaptable tools

  • Battery
    & Materials
  • Food
    & Beverage
  • Extrusion
    & Processing

Batteries & Materials

  • Challenges

    Tracking product environmental footprints
    mandated by EU regulations like CBAM

    Collecting accurate data on energy
    consumption and material handling

    Creating certifiable reports from that data
    quickly and accurately

  • Solutions

    We integrate seamlessly with existing systems
    to acquire real process data

    Our reporting tools streamline product carbon
    footprint reporting

    Glassdome’s in-house professionals guide you through
    the process and give you informed advice on how to improve

Food & Beverage

  • Challenges

    Accessing, using, and analyzing data from isolated machines

    Depending on outdated paper records to
    monitor production and quality issues

    Delivering consistent quality across production lines and facilities

    Missing production targets and losing efficiency due to a lack of integrated data and oversight

  • Solutions

    We digitize and compile all data from PLCs, sensors and paper records in real-time for a comprehensive overview

    We automatically generate and send out reports based on real-time data

    Our platform makes it easy to integrate ERP and other systems for a unified view of your operations

    Glassdome deploys quickly and economically, saving your operations budget

Extrusion & Processing

  • Challenges

    Delivering consistent quality across diverse recipes and products

    Gathering the essential process data you need
    to solve batch-specific issues

    Addressing customer quality feedback through verifiable process data

    Entering data into your ERP systems without slow, error-prone paper records

    Maintaining high efficiency and quality standards

  • Solutions

    We segment and deliver batch-specific real process data in automated,
    user-friendly reports

    We feed data from production lines directly into quality and OEE dashboards to simplify
    efficiency and quality monitoring

    We bring together process data from your lines and sites to give you actionable insights for consistently high batch quality

    Our platform maintains comprehensive data logs for each batch,
    improving your quality
    assurance responses to customer feedback.