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The Future of
Carbon Emission
Tracking for

Rising regulatory demands require a new level of
environmental transparency.
Glassdome Product Carbon Footprint solutions empowers
manufacturers to meet these
challenges head-on.
Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources for real-time,
certifiable environmental
impact assessments.


  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Dynamic Data Aggregation

    Seamlessly harness data from ERP, MES, PLCs
    and sensors
    to provide an in-depth, accurate
    view of your environmental
    footprint, reflecting
    real operations.

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Accurate and Timely Assessments

    No more guesstimates. Get precise,
    up-to-the-minute environmental
    impact reports
    to ensure compliance and improve sustainability

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Certifiable Reports

    Partnering with certification bodies like LRQA,
    we deliver assessments
    that can easily
    be transformed into certifiable reports
    for regulatory

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Future-Proof Decision Making

    Step into the era where carbon emissions
    environmental impact metrics shape your
    business decisions.
    Make the transition effortlessly with Glassdome.

Glassdome CBAM Estimator


Do you import or export iron and steel, aluminum, hydrogen, fertilizer,
electricity to/from the EU?
That means the Carbon Border Adjustment
Mechanism (CBAM) affects you. Use our simple CBAM calculator and
get an estimate of your
CBAM carbon tariff.

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But if CBAM impacts your business, estimated
data isn’t enough.
Glassdome has accurate,
easy-to-use reporting tools optimized for
compliance. Contact us today for more