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SK C&C Announces Investment in US-Based Carbon Footprint solution Startup Glassdome

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Seoul, South Korea (Oct 15, 2023) - SK C&C disclosed on October 5th its latest investment in Glassdome, a pioneering startup specializing in carbon emissions data management solutions. The specifics of the investment, including the amount and share ratio, remain undisclosed as per the agreement between the two entities. 

Founded in San Francisco, USA, in 2019, Glassdome has been recognized for its proficiency in gathering and managing actual process data via Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and in carbon data management using the product life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, as detailed by SK C&C. 

This investment marks a strategic move by SK C&C towards joint research and product development in digital net zero, including carbon emissions, aiming to lead in both domestic and international markets.

In response to the upcoming mandatory carbon regulations, particularly within the European Union (EU), both companies are set to actively compete in the LCA-based product carbon emissions management solution market. This collaborative effort is timely, given the EU's planned enforcement of these regulations starting next year. 

This month, SK C&C and Glassdome launched the 'Digital Carbon Passport', a digital net zero platform that they have been jointly developing since last May. This platform is designed for efficient management of carbon emissions data, derived from real process data, including Scope 3 supply chain emissions. Scope 3 encompasses greenhouse gas emissions throughout a company's entire value chain, including the production and transportation of raw materials, as well as emissions from consumer use of sold products.

Furthermore, the two companies are also exploring the development of a smart factory business, targeting medium-sized and small-sized manufacturing plants, and utilizing digital virtual models for advanced operation and management. 


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